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Vision & Mission

The increasing social demands of the people, active involvement of the clientele groups dovetailing of resources with need, forging strong community expressions on increasing community development is the core vision of the organization where all people can gain access to education, healthcare, employment opportunities, economic self reliance. The emerging voluntary community leadership organization women self help movement at the grass root level , increased report with support groups, rising of skill endowment, empowerment of our masses and creation of community forces are the corner stones which are considers as the missions of the organization right from the beginning. Our focus on the human dignity of the poor and marginalized through an empowerment process and creat opportunities for a sustainable society.

With the above philosophical understanding vision charitable trust is considers it as it foundation for action. All its initiative, programmers and procedures are springing from these philosophical foreboding in all its mission and vision. India has 40 to 80 million cases of disability, 8.1 million children do not go to school, and tuberculosis, malaria, polio, and dengue fever still remain serious threats in a number of states.

Our Vision is to contribute to the social and financial development of the neglected sector of our city. We are and will continue to work against all odds to assist these people in the best possible manner.

Based on the National Sample Survey (60th round), in 2004, 63 million individuals or 12 million households fell into poverty due to health expenditures (6.2\% of all households). The majority of these households (79\%) became impoverished due to spending on outpatient care, including drugs, and the remainder (21\%) fell into poverty due to hospital care. In some states, such as Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal, over 8\% of households were impoverished as a result of health expenditures.

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